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For anyone who is interested: Check out the photo gallery for some new and “revealing” pictures of the après-ski parties. > view
Two weeks ago, we got back from a great ski vacation. Now we are sitting in front of the computer, looking at the lovely photographs, and thinking about the amazing time we had. We would like our friends and family to share these memories. This site tells of the adventures we had on our winter vacation: Put on your virtual skis and come along for the ride.
We were extremely lucky. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, bright sunshine, fresh air. We happily conquered the 18,150 feet altitude with the 15 lifts and zoomed down the 17 miles of slopes.
The pistes in the ski area were top quality and the snow was just perfect. There was plenty of space on the slopes to ski fast. It only filled up in the evenings for the après-ski.
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